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11933 Cadeaudoosjes met Vivi Gade papier

Geschreven: 12 januari 2017 door admin

Makkelijk te vouwen cadeaudoosjes

Cadeaudoosjes met Vivi Gade Design papier. Gedecoreerd met voorgestanste motieven en lint.


Draw onto design paper using the box (the back) as a template. Draw a flap of approx. 1cm. Add an extra 1-2mm to the middle of the box.


Cut out the design with care and precision. (The bold lines in this photo are meant as an example to help illustrate the pattern).


Use a bone folder to score by the flap and in the middle fold.


Use a glue stick on the design paper, place the box on top and press the flap flat. Then repeat with the remaining part of the paper.


Cut out designs from the design paper.


Glue on a design with the glue stick.


Press in the end flaps and tie a ribbon around. You may attach small folded pieces of ribbon to the sides.

See more examples.

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