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Coole en grappige kandelaars

Geschreven: 21 februari 2017 door admin

Fantastische kandelaars

Gegoten van gips, geverfd en gedecoreerd met 3D Liner. In de achterkant is een gat geboord. Bonsaidraad is in de vorm van een kandelaar gedraaid en in het gat geplaatst.


Mix the plaster in following the instructions on the bag. Mix the mixture gently with your hands to avoid air bubbles.


Pour the mixture into the mould. You may rub oil or soap into the mould.


Gently tap the mould to remove air bubbles. Let the mixture harden.


Remove excess plaster using the tip of a pencil.


Using a small drill, carefully drill a 3mm hole in the back (to fit the bonsai wire).


If you want a silver or gold patina, paint with black colour first and then dab with silver or gold colour.


Finally decorate with 3D-Liner.


Fold a candle holder from bonsai wire which matches the colour of your animal. You may want to wrap the bonsai wire around a small candle.

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