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1693 Exclusive rings

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Find the correct ring size using the ring sizer set.


Cut 2 x 25cm in 0.8mm wire and 2 x 40cm in 0.5mm wire.


Put the ring with the number that fits down over the ring stick to check the size. Twist the thickest wires around it but preferably 1mm smaller as the ring can be widened but not made smaller. Place the thin wire under the knot and twist.


If you would like twists, make them with round nose pliers. When using flat nose pliers for pure silver, preferably use pliers with a plastic coating.


Put beads with small holes on the thin wire and beads with larger holes on 0.8mm wire.


Variation 1

If you want beads on the ring itself, then put them on a single 1mm wire before it is measured. Gather the ends and twist and put on a larger bead. Nip off the wire and glue on a bead.

Variation 2.

Put beads onto a 1mm wire before measuring the ring on the ring stick. If you wish you can twist on an extra piece of wire and put on a couple of beads. Close the ends by twisting them into spirals.

Variation 3

The wires for the ring itself can be twisted with multiple wires or with an extra wire around if preferred.

More variations:


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