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1485 Engelen met snoepjes

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Maak je eigen snoepjesschaal

Aquarelpapier geverfd met Plus Color, A-Color Metallic of Pigment acrylverf. Voeg een halo en vleugels van vezelpapier en metallic karton toe. Een klein dienblad is bevestigd als staander.


Make fun paper like this: first paint a basic layer on the watercolour paper. Then paint with Plus Color, A-Color Metallic or Pigment Acrylic Paint which can all be diluted with water.


You can make dots with a foam stencil brush. Let it dry.


Draw a circle for the head and let the children paint it. Let it dry.


Draw a face with a marker pen and make cheeks and eyes with a coloured pencil.


Cut out the head.


Draw the body with a fabric marker following the shape of the cress tray.


Cut out the body (save a strip of painted paper for the tray’s front).


Glue the body and the head onto the cress figure using hobby glue.


Make a halo and hands using the template and then cut out.

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Glue on the halo and the hands onto the figure using hobby glue.


Trace wings on metallic card and fibre paper using the template and then cut out.


Attach the fibre paper onto the golden wings using hobby glue.


Glue the wings onto the figure’s back with hobby glue.


Glue sequins onto the figure and the strip for the front of the tray using hobby glue.


Assemble the tray with hobby glue in the corners.


Finally attach the decorative strip onto the front of the tray using hobby glue.


When using hobby glue, it is a good idea to apply pressure to the glued parts until the glue is dry. You could also use pegs to hold the parts together. If you like glitter, you can sprinkle it into the wet glue. The glue is transparent when dry. The lovely angel trays can be used for: Christmas sweets, cakes, pine cones, small vases or tea lights.

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