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13076 Een thermometer huis versierd met masking tape

Geschreven: 12 januari 2017 door admin

Een gedecoreerd thermometer huis

Dit houten huisje met thermometer is geverfd met witte Plus Color verf en vervolgens gedecoreerd met Vivi Gade Design masking tape.


Paint the wooden thermometer house with white Plus Color Craft paint.


Attach masking tape along the roof of the thermometer house. Make an effort to make the squares more or less fit together, allowing the same pattern to be seen on both sides from the center. You may let the masking tape overlap.


Cut off the excess masking tape. Also cut off the overlapping masking tape from the roof pit and down.


Decorate the rest of the front of the house with masking tape in your chosen design. Remove the excess masking tape precisely using the edges of the house as the template.


Attach rows of masking tape onto a piece of white card. Make the squares fit together on a square big enough to fit the outline of the bird available as a separate template for this idea.

Now place the bird template on the piece of white card with the masking tape attached and cut through both layers.


Attach the bird onto the thermometer house using 3D foam pads.


Insert a piece of string for hanging though the hole at the top of the house.

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