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12968 Neon sieraden van Pardo Sieradenklei

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Neon oorbellen van sieradenklei

Deze hangers voor oorbellen en kralen voor een leren armband zijn gemaakt van Pardo sieradenklei.


Knead a small ball of jewellery clay using your hands into a smooth consistency.


Roll out the jewellery clay flat.


If you wish to have more colours in the same piece of jewellery, repeat the above process and place the colours in layers.


Cut through the layers using a craft knive.


Make a hole in all the jewellery parts using a long pin and hang tthe jewellery parts on the pins in the grooves inside the steel mitre box.


Place the stainless steel mitre box in a warm oven at 120°C and fix for 30 min.


Apply a coat of Pardo Clay Varnish to the hardened and cooled jewellery parts in order to make the surface more resistant.


Attach an oval jump ring onto French ear wires and attach the jewellery part onto the oval jump ring.

Another variant

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