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Geschreven: 12 januari 2017 door admin

Kaart met kanten rand, gouden en parelmoer decoraties

deze parelmoerkaart serie is gemaakt door de volgende onderdelen op een blanco, parelmoer kaart te plakken: parelmoer papier, goudkleurig papier uit de ColorBar serie, als ook een kanten rand gestanst met een randpons. Decoratieve hart is gestanst met een pop up pons. De kaart is gedecoreerd met goudkleurig draad, een parelmoer hart, veren en stippen gemaakt met een Parel Pen.


Cut a piece of white card slightly smaller than that of the blank card (i.e. 7mm on three sides and 3.5mm at the top). Attach this to the blank card with double-sided adhesive tape.


Use the Border Punch tool to punch a border from white card. After the first punch, move the tool to the right, so the pattern gets the desired length. Punch again.


Cut the border away from the white card.


Attach it to the blank greeting card using small pieces of double-sided adhesive tape where possible not to obstruct the laced pattern.


Attach the pearlescent paper, the gold paper and the printed text in layers using double-sided adhesive tape.


Tie a piece of gold thread around the front of the greeting card. Thread a mother-of-pearl heart onto one end of the thread and attach a feather to the other end.


Decorate with dots made with a Pearl Pen.


Menu card: Cut a piece of card measuring approx. 21 x 10.5cm. Score across the middle and fold to make it a double-sided square card. Place the Border Punch on the front of the card, let the arrow on the actual tool point to the middle of the front of the card (measure and mark). Pull the tool 7mm back and punch the design into the card.


Cut out the various pieces of card and paper and attach these onto the menu card as decoration following the same procedure as described previously.


Fold up the outer part of the punched-out heart, so it appears in 3D.

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