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12720 Gevlochten armbanden

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Gekleurde armbanden

Deze armbanden zijn gevlochten met koord door middel van een simpele techtniek. En glas en klei kralen zijn er tussen toegevoegd.


Cut a 100cm piece and a 40cm piece of your choosen cord (the more braiding and the less beads, the longer the pieces of cord). Double over the long piece of cord. Make a loop at one end of the small piece of cord. Join the cords with a knot, leaving a small loop. Cut off the short end.


Put beads onto the middle cord (i.e. the shortest cord).


Put the right hand side cord over the middle cord, back under and up. Pull the cord up throgh the loop and tighten it whilst keeping the middle cord taut.


Repeat with the left hand side cord following the same procedure.


Thread a large bead onto the middle cord.


Braid following the procedure described above each time a new bead is put onto the middle cord.


When the bracelet has the required lenght, gather the cords  in a knot.


Close the ends with a bead and a knot.

If you do not want to have beads on the entire bracelet, you may either braid as shown or using ordinary braiding with 3 cords. You may want to braid a longer piece between the beads. You may add small beads onto the outer cords around the bead in the middle etc.

Another variant

Another variant

Another variant

Another variant

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