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12718 Een ring gemaakt van verzilverd draad

Geschreven: 23 februari 2017 door admin

Maak uw eigen ring

Verzilverd draad is gedraaid om een ring stok en vervolgens is er een kristal kraal op bevestigd.


Measure the appropriate ring size using the ring sizer.


The size can be found on the ring stick.


Wrap the silver-plated wire tightly around the ring stick at the correct size number.


Let the two ends go past eachother and then wrap the ends around the ring. This now forms the bottom of the ring.


Use a new piece of silver-plated wire to wrap along the top of the ring towards the middle and bend it straight upwards. Use another piece of silver-plated to wrap along the top of the ring and towards the middle and wrap the end around the piece which is bent upwards.


Put the bead onto the stalk.


Use the tip of round nose pliers to twist the wire forming a coil. Nip off the end.

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