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12710 Leerkoord met metalen hart

Geschreven: 23 februari 2017 door admin


Bevestig een hart aan een stuk leerkoord met een ovale ring. Knopen zijn gemaakt tussen de andere kralen. Werk af met een schuifknoop.


Cut a piece of 2mm leather cord measuring approx. 130cm and thread on two beads. Tie knots before and after the bead so they stay in place.


Attach a large heart onto the cord right between the knots using an oval jump ring.


Arrange the two ends of the cord parallel and make an adjustable knot in each side. See the technique below.


Arrange the two long ends parallel and make an adjustable knot in each side individually. Make a loop with one end of the cord and twist this end around itself and the other cord three to five times.


Now push the end of this cord through the loops – also through the first loop.


Now pull the end of the cord and the loops will lie flat and tight around the two cords.


Cut the end of the cord off close to the knot. Glue it onto the loops. Take care not to glue it onto the cord on which it is intended to slide.

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