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12689 Kabouters om op te hangen

Geschreven: 12 januari 2017 door admin

Schattige kabouters

Deze kabouters zijn gemaakt van Vivi Gade Design vilt en aan elkaar genaaid met de hand of met de naaimachine.


Cut out two of each part. A seam allowance is included in the template.


Sew the parts together by hand or on the sewing machine, with visible seams (place the fabrics staggered on top of each other).


Finally sew the back and the front together. Attach a ribbon in the hat as you go along. Trim the edge.


Now fill the pixie with polyester wadding and close the base.


Embroider the face and the legs with mercerised cotton yarn.

Aangehecht bestand File iconSjabloon (291 kB)

Aangehecht bestand File iconSjabloon (290 kB)

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