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1268 Manden gedecoreerd met sneeuwkristallen

Geschreven: 14 januari 2017 door admin

Romantische kegels

Gemaakt van twee gevouwen cake servetten en gedecoreerd met uitgestanste sneeuwvlokken m.b.v. de ponsen set. De sneeuwvlokken zijn bevestigd met brads.


Fold two round cake napkins in the middle (the diameter is approx. 10 cm).


Draw two circles on the Pearlescent Paper and cut them out (the diameter is 9 cm).


Fold the Pearlescent Paper circles in half and attach them on the inside of the cake napkins with double-sided adhesive tape.


Glue the two halves together with double-side adhesive tape. The lace edge should turn inwards.


Cut a handle from Pearlescent Paper, 1.5 cm wide and 19.5 cm long.


Attach the handle onto the basket with double-side adhesive tape.


Punch three different sizes of snowflake in the Vellum Paper out (use the three smallest punches in the set).


Put the snowflakes on top of each other with the largest one at the bottom. Punch a hole in the middle with a needle, and assemble them with a brad in matching colours.


Now make a hole in the middle of the basket with a needle and fasten the snowflakes with the brad through the hole. Spread the legs of the brad on the inside of the basket.


Finally decorate the tips of the snowflakes with 3D-Liner, glitter silver.

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