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12642 Quilled engelen

Geschreven: 12 januari 2017 door admin

Engelen van papier

Kleine hangende engelen gemaakt van Vivi Gade papieren vlechtstroken en de quilling techniek. Gedecoreerd met prisma’s en de strasstenen.


Use the tip of the quilling tool to twist the weaving paper strip around it, so it fits into the chosen hole size on the quilling board.


Place the quilled coil into the hole of the board. It slightly unravels but keeps its shape in the hole.


Carefully remove the quilled coil from the board and glue it.


Place the coils in the holes on the quilling board whilst drying.


The coils may be carefully squeezed between two fingers to achieve the desired shape.


Glue the body, wings and the head togehter.


Thread a piece of silver thread through the coils; one at the top and one at the bottom. Use a needle to tie a knot on the silver thread so it is right against the quilled coil. Only thread one thread though the prism at the bottom and let the other thread go outside the prism. Then tie a knot.


Attach self-adhesive rhinestones.

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