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12633 Kabouters van Vivi Gade vilt

Geschreven: 12 januari 2017 door admin

Kabouters van vilt

Vivi Gade Design vilt is geknipt m.b.v. het sjabloon en met de hand aan elkaar genaaid. De kabouters zijn gevuld met  polyester vulsel en plastic korrels. Het hoofd, pom-poms en natuurlijk hennep draad als haar zijn erop gelijmd.


Cut out all the felt pieces using the template.


Sew on a square with a button onto one pixie and hearts onto the other pixie.


Sew the bodies and the pixie hats together by hand.


Sew tacking stitches at the neck and tie loosely.


Glue the head onto the edge.


Lightly stuff the body with polyester stuffing.


Cut a piece of felt measuring 2 x 30cm, tie it onto the neck as a scarf and cut small notches at the ends to resemble tassels.


Stitch half of the base onto the body and fill it with plastic pellets.


Make hair from natural hemp: Small pieces for the fringe and nine long pieces for the plaits. Tie with red and white striped string.


Lightly stuff the pixie hat with polyester stuffing and glue it onto the head.


Glue on pompom ribbon at the edge of the dress on the pixie girl. Glue on a pompom at the tip of the pixie hat.

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