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12621 Armband in natuurlijke kleuren

Geschreven: 23 februari 2017 door admin

Lava en leer

Armbanden van lava, kristal en metalen kralen geregen op elastisch koord. Driedubbel leerkoord met metalen kralen en hangers.


Thread lava beads etc. onto elastic beading cord. The metal beads only have small holes so use a beading needle when threading onto the cord. Finish with four or five tight knots.


Assemble three 55cm long pieces of 2mm leather cord in an end cap with Super Attak instant glue.


Connect the metal links to the pendants using oval rings.


Thread the beads and the pendants onto the cord.


Close again with end caps and a lobster claw clasp. Attach with an oval ring.

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