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12619 Tas met zijden print

Geschreven: 22 februari 2017 door admin


Maak afdrukken op textiel met screen stencils. Bevestig met schilderstape. Gebruik een schraper om de Textil Solid verf over het sjabloon te verdelen.


Insert a piece of plastic inside the bag and secure the bag to the table as shown using masking tape. It must lie completely flat. Place the screen stencil design (it is self-adhesive) onto the bag.


Attach masking tape around the design at a generouswidth at the top and the bottom of the design.


Pour paint onto the masking tape at the top of the design.


Use a scraper to pull the paint down over the design. Use both hands. Place your eight fingers onto the rubber of the scraper across the entire width in order to achieve an even pressure.


Remove the masking tape piece by piece. Finally remove the design gently. Clean the stencil immediately to avoid that the paint does not dry into the “silk” (stencil). Hold it up against the light to check that all paint is removed.


Fix the paint with an iron. You may put a piece of grease proof paper between the print and the iron.

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