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12578 Ketting met hangers

Geschreven: 23 februari 2017 door admin

Ketting met hangers

Verzamel metalen hangers in een sleutelring m.b.v. ovale ringen. Bevestig de ring aan een lang stuk jasseron / sieradenketting.


Using a large oval ring, assemble both ends of a long piece of jewellery chain in a keyring.


Assemble the pendants in the keyring using oval rings.


See other variants:
Black agate beads and Fashion Mix silver beads are threaded onto a piece of elastic beading cord.


Tie knots on a piece of doubled-over leather cord. Attach pendants with oval rings.


Assemble the piece of jewellery chain with a lobster  claw clasps and attach pendants using oval rings.

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