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1245 Viking – Kostuum voor toneelspel

Geschreven: 23 februari 2017 door admin

Jas / Tuniek – Viking en middeleeuwse kleding

Knip de onderdelen voor de jas uit met behulp van het patroon.

Aangehecht bestand File iconVoorbeeld – Tuniek (195 kB)

The sleeves, hood and slit are sewn onto the coat in the desired colours.

Aangehecht bestand File iconIdeark – Kofte (1 MB)


Cut out the fabric following the pattern.

Aangehecht bestand File iconMønster – Hætte (1 MB)

Sew together at the neck and from the head to the back.

Belt bag

See the pattern sheet.

Aangehecht bestand File iconMønster – Taske (60 kB)

Necklaces for role playing

When you have to be dressed up as an important man, rich man, magician or king, it is important to wear some appropriate jewellery which show that you are rich and have lots of money.


Cut 2 pieces of string of about 1 meter each.


Put the two cords side by side in parallel and tie on the pendant in the middle of the cords.

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