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12403 Crackling

Geschreven: 13 januari 2017 door admin

Effekt Crackle op een servet

Verf het ikoon met Plus Color acrylverf en lijm het servet op. Breng Effekt Crackle step 1 en 2 aan. Wrijf Inka Gold creamy metal gloss wax in de crackles.


Paint the icon with white Plus Color Craft Paint.


Cut out the napkin design and attach it to the icon with decoupage lacquer.


Apply Effekt Crackle step 1 and let it dry so it is dry to the touch (dries until it only “snaps” a little on the finger).


Apply a generous layer of Effekt Crackle step 2 and the crackling will begin after a couple of hours.


Rub Inka Gold creamy metal gloss wax into the cracks using your finger.


The wax should only be in the cracks, so wipe off any excess wax with a slightly damp cloth.

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