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12367 Spaarlaarzen & flessen

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Sparen voor nieuwe gympies

De terracotta spaarpotten zijn geverfd met A-Color Glass. Gebruik een glas- en porseleinstift om een ontwerp te tekenen. Decoreer de gympies met de meegeleverde veters.


Paint the figure with A-Color Glass.


Paint the soles of the boots black.


Paint the eyelets black using a fine brush or a glass and porcelain marker.


Insert the shoelaces. Bend the ends, so they are easier to feed through the holes. One end of the shoelace needs to be longer than the other.


Cut off the long end, roll it together by using a piece of sticky tape.


Divide the small figures into small squares and paint each area a different colour. Decorate with a glass and porcelain marker.

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