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12366 Sieraden School. Afwerken met eindkappen

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Afwerken met eindkappen

There are many different end caps: Some are flat, others are round. They can have different configurations, and the diameter of the hole size may vary. Common to all end caps is that they have a ring or a loop at one end to which you may attach a clasp.

The selection available allows for using different kinds of cotton yarn, macramé cord  as well as silicone and leather cords for jewellery making. The important thing is that the cord is attached correctly inside the end cap. End caps are available for squeezing or gluing onto the cord. The end caps which are squeezed are suitable for textile cord, which can be squeezed without breaking. They have an opening along the side.  Place the cord ends on one part of the opened end cap and squeeze the sides around the cord ends one at the time with flat nose pliers. Other end caps require a small amount of glue before squeezing them around the cord. Quite a few end caps need glue when attaching the cord ends. These are suitable for all types of chain and cord. The glue must be flexible, strong and moisture-resistant . Super Attak Instant Glue is very suitable. Apply a small blob of glue inside the end cap and insert one or more cord ends into the end cap and the glue.


Fold-over Cord Ends:
Place the cord (3mm) inside the fold-over cord end. Squeeze the sides one at the time.


Squeeze using flat nose pliers.


Attach a clasp to the loop on the fold-over cord end with a round jump ring.


A variant:

May be used for several thin cords (2mm).


End Cap (2mm):
Apply a small blob of Super Attak Instant Glue into the end cap. Insert the cord (2mm) into the end cap and glue.


End Cap (6mm):
Gather several cords with masking tape. Glue the cords together.


Squeeze the cord ends with flat nose pliers so that they fit into the end cap before the glue has dried.


Apply a small amount of glue into the end cap. Insert the bunch of cord ends into the end cap and glue.

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