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When making your own earrings, you can achieve a great result in a short period of time and with simple techniques. Many fantastic jewellery components are available so the possibilities are endless: You can make small earrings which sit on a single bead on the earlobe. Earrings with a single hanging bead. Long hanging earrings or beautiful beading hoop earrings. Even for ears which are not pierced, lovely clip-on earrings are available.

The French ear wire is very popular to use for earrings. Gently open the small loop with round nose pliers, attach the pendant and close the loop. Some earrings have a closed loop for pendants. In order to attach pendants to these, use  a round jump ring which can be opened and closed when using two flat nose pliers.
For earrings with beading hoops use a French ear wire as the earring for the ear. The actual beading hoop may be decorated in various ways: You can let beads hang down from the small loop or the beading hoop may be opened with a gentle pull, so beads and pendants can be threaded onto the beading hoop directly. Close the beading hoop by inserting the wire into the bracket and squeeze gently using chain nose pliers.


Kidney Ear Wire:
Attach a pendant onto the opened kidney ear wire.


Attach the pendant onto the small loop on the kidney ear wire.


French Ear Wire:
On the French ear wire slightly open the loop with round nose pliers.


Attach the pendant onto the open loop. Close the loop again with round nose pliers.


Ear Studs with a loop:

Attach a pendant onto the loop of the ear stud using a round jump ring. Close the round jump ring with two flat nose pliers. Twist the ends until they are right opposite each other.


The pendant hangs underneath the metal ball in the loop.


Clip-on Earrings:
Attach a pendant onto the clip-on earring using a round jump ring which may be closed using two flat nose pliers.


The pendant hangs in the loop underneath the half metal ball on the front of the kidney ear wire.


Flat pad metal stud earrings:
Use Super Attak Instant Glue for attaching the bead onto the flat pad of the metal stud earring.


Use glue which is flexible and moisture-resistant.


Beading Hoops:
Open the beading hoop. Thread beads and pendants onto the beading hoop.


Close the beading hoop by inserting the wire into the metal bracket, squeeze it gently with chain nose pliers.

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