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12351 Lamp van ballon

Geschreven: 21 februari 2017 door admin

Lamp van papiergaren

Deze lamp is gemaakt van papiergaren gedrenkt in Paverpol en vervolgens om een ballonvorm gewonden. Na droging van de Paverpol zal de lamp zijn vorm behouden.


Put the inflated balloons together with masking tape making the required shape.


Dip Paper Yarn in Paverpol and wrap it around the balloon shape in a tight layer.


Finish wrapping the paper yarn around the shape (remember to leave a hole at the top for the socket) and hang it to dry.


When the Paverpol is dry, pop the balloons.


Remove the popped balloons from the inside of the lamps with a hook.


Use bonsai wire for making a holder for the wire.


Attach the lamp socket in the top edge of the lamp.

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