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12315 Sieraden van veters

Geschreven: 14 januari 2017 door admin

Armbanden met krimpfolie

De armbanden zijn gemaakt van schoenveters. De hangers en de verstelbare knopen zijn gemaakt van krimpfolie vellen en plastic kralen.


Draw and decorate on a shrink plastic sheet using Colortime Coloured Pencils. Use the template.


Cut out and make holes with a hole puncher. The adjustable  buttons must have two elongated holes size 1 x 2cm. See the template.


Shrink the shrink plastic sheets in a warm household oven at 130 degrees to approx. 1/3 size.


Cut a shoelace in two and wrap sticky tape around the ends.


Push the ends through the adjustable buttons or plastic beads and attach the pendant with an oval jump ring.


Before and after the shrinking.

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