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12302 Kleurrijke kaarten – Feestvieringen van het leven

Geschreven: 12 januari 2017 door admin

Baby kaart

Vivi Gade Design papier (de London serie) en karton zijn gelijmd op een kaart met dubbelzijdig klevend tape en 3D foam pads. De kaarten zijn gedecoreerd met linten, verzilverd draad, bloempailletten en zelfklevende halve parels.


Cut a piece of Vivi Gade Design Paper (the London series) measuring 10.5 x 9cm. Attach this to the card using double-sided adhesive tape.


Attach the ribbon with double-sided adhesive tape. Double over a small piece of ribbon and  attach it onto the inside of the front of the card.


Use a template to draw and cut a pram and a wavy decorative border from double-sided Color Bar card. Assemble these with double-sided adhesive tape.


Cut three piece of silver-plated wire and bend them as shown.


Attach the pieces of wire onto the card using 3D foam pads.


Attach 3D foam pads onto the hood of the pram and attach the pram onto the card.


Cut a piece of double-sided card measuring 5.5 x 2.5cm. Print a text onto a piece of white paper and cut it slightly smaller than the piece of card. Use double-sided tape for gluing these two parts together. Attach the text card onto the actual card.


Finish the card by decorating it with sequins and adhesive rhinestone half-pearls.


For the menu card and the place cards cut through a card. The small place card should measure 4.5cm in width. Divide the card in three when making several place cards..


The two cards are assembled  using the same technique, just put together in a slightly different way.

An alternative picture.

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