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12300 Kleurrijke kaarten – Feesten in het leven

Geschreven: 12 januari 2017 door admin

Voetbal kaarten

Color Bar papier en karton zijn op zwart karton gelijmd. Vervolgens gedecoreerd met decoratief voetballint en voetbal brads.


Cut a piece of Color Bar paper measuring 10.5 x12.5cm in half and turn over one of the pieces of paper. Attach the Color Bar pieces of paper onto the card using double-sided adhesive tape.


Attach a piece of blue card measuring 5 x 12.5cm onto the card using double-sided adhesive tape.


Stick two strips of double-sided tape onto a piece of decorative football ribbon. Attach this to the card. Scrunch it slightly as shown and cut the ribbon flush with the card.


Glue together a piece of ribbon measuring 6cm and attach it onto the inside of the front of the card.


Double over a piece of ribbon measuring approx. 11cm and gather it with a football brad. Push it through the front of the card.


Glue a printed photo onto a piece of card measuring 6 x 4.5cm. Attach this onto the card using 3D foam pads.


You may use a white gel pen for writing the invitation on the black card.


Cut two pieces of blue card measuring 9 x 9cm and 9 x 4.5cm for the menu card and the place card. Fold both pieces of card over using a bone folder or a blunt needle. Decorate the cards and glue them onto a piece of white card with text/name.

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