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12291 Armbanden van leerkoord

Geschreven: 14 januari 2017 door admin

Trendy armbanden

Magnetische sluitingen zijn gelijmd op imitatie leerkoord. De hangers zijn gemaakt van kralen op nietstiften.


Put beads onto head pins and ball head pins.


Bend the pin as shown with round nose pliers.


Pull the end of the pin over the round nose pliers to form a loop.


Twist the end several times whilst gripping onto the pin with the round nose pliers.


Nip off the end of the pin with side cutters.


Assemble the pendant and a closing ring with a round jump ring.


Pull the rings with the pendants onto the cord. You may need to use flat nose pliers.


Glue magnetic clasps onto the cord ends. Squeeze the glue into the inside of the “cap end” of the magnetic clasp and insert the cord. You may use the pointed end of a pair of scissors to insert the cord into the magnetic clasp.

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