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12276 Ketting met engelen en agaat

Geschreven: 23 februari 2017 door admin

Engelachtige sieraden

Deze prachtige hanger is gemaakt van 0.8mm verzilverd metaaldraad. De kralen zijn op het draad geregen en de sluiting is een kapittelslot.


Turn a piece of 0.8mm silver-plated metal wire to form a loop.


Thread the beads onto the wire as shown.


Use round nose pliers to form a loop and twist the wire around the pin/wire.


Continue downwards, twisting the wire around the top half of the bead, covering the top half of the bead.


Cut off the excess wire and turn to form a decorative loop.


Thread the pendant and the beads onto a piece of beading wire.


Finish the necklace with a bead tip and a crimp bead. Squeeze the crimp bead flat.


Cut off the wire right after the crimp bead.


Close the bead tip around the crimp bead.


Use the same finishing procedure for the other end of the necklace. In this case squeeze the crimp bead flat down in the bead tip. The wire must be completely filled with beads, but do not tighten it too much.


Insert a round jump ring and close it using two flat nose pliers. At the start, the round jump ring is open. Only twist it to one side – never apart. The photos No. 11, 12 and 13 illustrate how to twist the round jump ring.


Quickly twist the ends slightly past each other, whilst they scrape against each other…


… and back again. When the two ends are exactly opposite each other, stop twisting and the round jump ring is closed successfully.


Attach a lobster claw clasp prior to closing the round jump ring at the other end of the necklace.



Only a few beads on the wire: the beads are held in place with crimp beads. Squeeze the crimp bead flat with special pliers for crimp beads.


The crimp bead is squeezed flat in a bow shape.


With the outer tips of the pliers, gather the bow to make a round bead.

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