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12270 Bedel voor een sleutelhanger

Geschreven: 12 januari 2017 door admin

Houten kraal aan een sleutelhanger

Deze prachtige sleutelhanger is gemaakt van gevlochten satijnkoord met een prachtige gedecoreerde houten kraal. Kleine stukjes decoupagepaier zijn op de houten kraal gelijmd en daarna gevernisd met Paverpol lijm.


Glue small pieces of decoupage paper onto the wooden bead using Paverpol sculpting glue.


You may leave the wooden bead to dry by inserting a golf tee with a glued on magnet into the hole of the bead. The glued on magnet allows the golf tee to stand firmly on metal surfaces whilst drying.


Polish / smooth the varnished surface of the wooden bead by using a magnet glued onto a golf tee or by using a tea spoon.


Varnish the wooden bead two or three times with the Paverpol sculpting glue. Let it dry between each application.


Use a tea towel or a similar piece of fabric for polishing the wooden bead to perfection.


Cut two pieces of satin cord; one measuring 1.5m and the other 0.5m, double them over and tie them onto a keyring.


Braid a section as shown with the two short cord ends in the middle.


Feed the four ends of the satin cords through the wooden bead and continue braiding.


Cut off the ends of the satin cords when the desired length is reached and tie a knot on each end.


Melt or glue each of the small ends and glue an end cap onto all the ends.

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