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12264 Armbanden met decoupage papier

Geschreven: 23 februari 2017 door admin

Zelfgemaakte kralen

Deze prachtige armbanden zijn gemaakt van houten kralen bedekt met kleine stukjes Vivi Gade Design decoupage papier. Gebruik Paverpol lijm om de kleine stukjes papier op de houten kralen te lijmen. De kralen worden geregen op een stuk satijnkoord met een kapittelsluiting.


Tear the decoupage paper into small pieces and glue them onto wooden beads, one piece at a time. You may put the bead onto a golf tee. Smooth each piece of torn paper on the bead to eliminate small creases.


Apply a layer of glue by turning the bead. Let it dry and apply another two coats of Paverpol sculpture glue.


Polish the bead blank with a magnet glued onto a golf tee (or with a tea spoon).


Tie the loop from a doubled over piece of satin cord onto the loop of the toggle ring.


Thread wooden beads and silver rings alternately onto the cord.


Pull the cord through the loop of the toggle bar.


Assemble the ends of the cord with a knot which is pulled close to the loop with a needle.


Glue end caps onto the cord ends.

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