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Geschreven: 23 februari 2017 door admin

Met prachtige hangers

Stukken jasseron met macramé koord, metalen ketting en facetkralen aan elkaar gemaakt met ovale ringetjes.


Cut a piece of thin lightly waxed cotton cord measuring approx. 4m and double it over. Cut another piece of cotton cord measuring approx. 55cm as the middle cord. Now braid for approx. 33cm. Close this piece with a knot at each end.


Put a metal cone onto an eye pin and glue the cord onto the top of the cone.


Put three beads onto the eye pin and twist to form a loop.


Before closing the loop completely, attach two chain fragments.


Attach a bead on an eye pin onto the middle of one chain.


Connect the chains and attach them to a pendant with an oval jump ring.


Finish the necklace by connecting it to the braided cord.


Finally attach a pendant with an oval jump ring.

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