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1225 Sleutelhangers en veren met Silk Clay

Geschreven: 13 januari 2017 door admin

Grappige sleutelhangers

Grappige sleutelhangers


Knead two colours of Silk Clay into each other with your hands and roll a ball.


Shape three small legs for a little octopus.


Press the eyes into the head.


Press rhinestones onto the legs.


Finally press the key ring on top of the head.


Pull out some of the spring and press the end onto the top of the head.


Pull out some of the spring and wind the string around the sucker, until it is in place.


Silk Clay is self-hardening and dries quickly. Shape the modelling clay and make details, whilst it is still moist and flexible.

Silk Clay can also be used for making funny bouncing balls, as the modelling clay is very light and with its rubber-like texture when dry, it enables it to bounce.

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