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12235 Eieren met decoupage papier

Geschreven: 14 januari 2017 door admin

Gedecoreerde eieren

Lijm kleine stukjes Vivi Gade decoupage papier dat bestempeld is op papier-mâché en plastic eieren. Decoreer met kant, vlaskoord, veren en kralen.


Paint the papier-mâché egg with white Plus Color.


Dab some paint onto the silicone stamp. Use the large designs.


Stamp print onto the paper.


Tear the paper into small pieces and glue them onto the egg.


Use the small designs when stamping with Art Metal gold paint. You will not need the acrylic stamp block.


Attach a crochet lace border onto the top half of the egg.


Attach the flax twine over the lace border with small blobs of glue. Tie the twine and decorate with feathers.


Decorate the plastic eggs using the same procedure as for the papier-mâché egg but without the crochet lace border.


Make a hole in the egg and push a piece of bonsai wire through the egg. Bend to form a hook at the top and attach a bead at the bottom and then twist to form a loop. Glue a feather onto the loop.

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