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12232 Kaart voor een jongen

Geschreven: 12 januari 2017 door admin

Flower Power broek met riem

Deze uitnodiging is gemaakt van mint groen papier met London design papier en karton. Gedecoreerd met lint en een sieraden gesp. De hanger is van verzilverd draad gemaakt.


Cut out London design paper and attach it onto the card with double-sided adhesive tape.


Attach a narrow piece of London paper in a different pattern onto the card vertically.


Cut narrow strips of light blue card. Attach self-adhesive rhinestones as shown.


Write a text on the small piece of card and attach both pieces onto the card with 1mm 3D foam pads.


Cut out the trousers using the template.


Attach the buckle onto a piece of decorative ribbon and attach it to the trousers.


Twist a piece of silver-plated wire to make a hanger to fit the trousers.


Attach the hanger onto the back of the trousers between two 1mm 3D foam pads. Attach 3D foam pads onto the back of the remaining part of the trousers.


Attach to the card so the hanger hangs on the light blue “rail”.


For the menu card, turn the card with the opening facing down and cut approx. 2cm off one side. Attach paper and card almost the same way as the invitation.


For place cards/glass decoration form a small hanger from silver-plated wire.


Decorate and assemble as shown with a name sign and ribbon.

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