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12231 Eierwarmers van vilt

Geschreven: 14 januari 2017 door admin

Hou de eieren warm

Eierwarmers van Vivi Gade vilt. Het vilt is aan elkaar genaaid met festonsteken. Gedecoreerd met vlas koord en kant. De moeder kip is decoratie.


Cut out the parts from felt using the template.


Sew the part together with buttonhole stitches. Start at the bottom and stop 3cm from the top.


Double over four pieces of flax twine and gather them with a piece of mercerised cotton yarn. Bend down the top of the felt cone, insert the comb and sew the remaining 3cm to the top.


Cut out the beak from felt, fold and sew with a couple of stitches at the back. Glue the beak onto the hen.


Glue the lace around the bottom edge of the hen.


Glue a piece of flax twine on top of the lace border with very small blobs of blue. Tie a bow.


Make eyes with black Plus Color in a refill plastic bottle with a tip.

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