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12225 Kippen met een rand

Geschreven: 14 januari 2017 door admin

Moeder kip met haar kuikens

Deze koddige kippen zijn genaaid van Vivi Gade vilt en gevuld met polyester vulsel en op een metalen staander bevestigd.


Cut a piece of felt. For the chicken 10 x 20cm and for the hen 20 x 40cm. Then cut two beaks, two cock’s combs and two wings in some of the other colours of felt.


Glue the two combs together with double-sided foil tape. Do the same with the beak and wings.


Fold the large piece of felt right side against right side and sew together at the sides. Remember to place the comb against the fold. Also sew together half of the bottom.


Turn the felt piece inside out and fill it with polyester stuffing.


Sew the opening at the bottom together by hand.


Sew wooden beads on for eyes.


Make a small hole at the in the bottom of the chicken with at pair of scissors.


Glue one end of the metal bar into the hole of the chicken and attach the metal stand to the other end of the metal bar.

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