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12220 Kippen van vilt

Geschreven: 14 januari 2017 door admin

Prachtige Paasdecoratie

Deze schattige kleine kippen zijn gemaakt van Vivi Gade Design vilt van de Helsinki serie. De vleugels en de poten zijn gemaakt van bloemendraad en aan het lijfje genaaid. De ogen zijn houten kraaltjes.


Draw the desing onto the felt twice using the template and cut out.


Make the legs, the wings and the comb from floral wire as follows:

For the legs: cut two pieces of floral wire each measuring approx. 80cm.

For the comb: approx. 40cm.

For the wings: two pieces measuring approx. 40cm.


Double over the floral wire to twist the ends together. Follow the same procedure to make the legs, the comb and the wings.

Form the feet and twist the ends together.


Put the felt pieces together (right sides facing out) and sew together with buttonhole stitches all the way around.

When having sewn 7cm along one side, attach the wing between the two pieces of felt and continue sewing.

At the tip insert the comb and continue sewing. Don’t forget the wing at the other side.


Before sewing the base together, insert a small amount of polyester stuffing inside the chicken.


Pull a wooden bead onto the legs and finish at the top by twisting to form a small loop. Sew the legs onto the body with the small loop.


Finally cut out a beak and glue it onto the chicken. Sew wooden beads onto the chicken for eyes.

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