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12211 Paascreaties met puff-up

Geschreven: 14 januari 2017 door admin

Puff-up paascreaties met polka stippen

Verf kleine bloempotjes, samengeperst katoenballen en eieren met Plus Color. Maak polka stippen met Puff Liner en “blaas” deze op met een warmtepistool. Voeg tenslotte bloemenlint toe, grappige ogen en andere decoratieve details.


Paint a compressed cotton egg, a compressed cotton ball and a flower pot with Plus Color. Let it dry.


Cut the ears and the nose from card and glue these parts onto balls and eggs using a glue gun. Glue the head onto the flower pot. Use an end cutter for cutting off the fastener attached to the back of the funny eyes – glue the eye onto the compressed cotton ball with a glue gun.


Make dots on the flower pots, the head and the ears with a Puff Liner.


Use a heat gun and circular movements to puff up the dots.


Finally glue the flower ribbon onto the flower pot.

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