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12194 Trouwkaart en tafeldecoratie

Geschreven: 12 januari 2017 door admin

Een romantisch huwelijk

Zowel de uitnodiging als de tafeldecoratie zijn gemaakt van hartvormige kaarten en laseruitgesneden karton met organza lint, zelfklevende halfronde strasstenen/parels, satijnen harten en parelmoer karton.


Invitation: draw and cut out the large heart from pearlescent card using the template.


Glue the heart onto the card using double-sided adhesive tape.


Attach the laser cut heart on top using whole and half 3D foam pads.


Attach the satin heart using 3D foam pads.


Decorate the heart with self-adhesive rhinestone half-pearls, which are cut off individually.


Make a hole through the card for the ribbon using hole punch pliers. Attach small satin hearts onto the ribbon.


Menu Card: Cut a piece of pearlescent card measuring approx. 10 x 14.5cm. Write the menu, print it out and glue it onto the menu card.


Cut a laser cut punched out cardboard heart off the lace border.


Attach the heart and a satin heart onto the menu card.


Attach the organza ribbon onto the card using double-sided adhesive tape.


Decorate with self-adhesive rhinestone half-pearls.


Place Cards: Fold and assemble the laser cut box. Insert the organza ribbon through the holes at the top. Put a small gift (a piece of chocolate) into the box before pulling the ribbon and tying a bow.


Cut out the small heart from the template from pearlescent card. Cut a laser cut punched out cardboard heart of the lace border and glue it on top. Then write the guest’s name on the heart.


Table Decoration / Decoration for candle holders: Assemble the laser cut border and decorate with organza ribbon and a small satin heart. Place a small candle holder inside.

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