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12187 Decoratieve dienbladen

Geschreven: 21 februari 2017 door admin

Dienbladen om het huis te decoreren

Deze opslagkrat is geverfd met bruine Plus Color acrylverf en met mozaiek tegels erop gelijmd. Het is gedecoreerd met een stuk gevlochten leerkoord en met kaarsen en planten in vierkante waxinelichten.


Lightly sand the boxes.


Cover with masking tape. Press it firmly in place at the edge. Paint the bottom area of the box. Do not paint upwards against the edge of the masking tape, but from the top and down.


Remove the masking tape immediately. Pull it off and in the direction of the painted area. You may paint the bottom area.


Glue the glass mosaic tiles onto the storage box using mounting glue and a cheap old brush. Apply a small blob of glue onto the glass mosaic tile and press it firmly onto the box.


Attach special double-sided adhesive tape on the inside of the box, near the handle.


Attach a piece of plaited leather cord and twist it around the handle (you will need approx. 75cm). Cover the entire handle bar by twisting the leather cord around it and push the end of the cord underneath using a pointy pair of scissors.

For a napkin ring you will need a piece of leather cord measuring approx. 1m.

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