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12171 Grote keramische hanger

Geschreven: 23 februari 2017 door admin

Trendy ketting

Grote trend keramiek kralen en hangers van kristal aan elkaar gemaakt met ovale ringen en 1mm verzilverd draad. Afgewerkt met een stuk leerkoord.


Assemble the ceramic heart with the crystal flower pendant using an oval jump ring.


Cut a piece of silver-plated wire. Twist to form a loop and attach this to the flower before closing the loop completely.


Thread the ceramic beads onto the wire. Finish with a loop (remember that the loop most turn towards the back and in the same direction as the first loop). Attach the crystal pendant to this loop before closing it completely.


Insert a piece of leather cord measuring approx. 1m through the oval jump ring. Wind one end of the cord around the doubled-over cord a few times, feed the end through all the loops and pull. Tie a knot with the cord ends which will be at the back of the neck.

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