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12168 Ketting met organza bloem

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Ketting met organza

Kleine kralen van steen geregen op sieradendraad. De organza decoraties zijn bevestigd aan een metalen kegel als een hanger. Gedecoreerd met facet kralen op een nietstift.


Cut as much away from the felt base of the carnation as possible.


Push a head pin through the flower.


Put the metal cone onto the head pin, and nip off 5-7mm of the pin. Twist the rest to make a triple eye using the middle of the round nose pliers. Keep twisting until the cone is pushed completely down and covers the felt base of the flower.


Cut a piece of beading wire measuring approx. 1m and thread small genuine stones onto the wire. Start in the bottom middle with 10-12 stones. Attach a wide oval metal ring before threading the rest of the stones onto the wire.


Close the necklace with crimp beads. Pull the ends and squeeze the crimp beads flat.


Attach the necklace and the pendant using an oval jump ring.


Put faceted beads onto head pins, nip off some of the pin, leaving 1cm. Twist to make a loop which is then attached onto the oval jump ring on the necklace.

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