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12147 Knuffel speelgoed

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Zacht knuffelspeelgoed

Grappige sokpoppen – zeer knuffelbaar. De ogen en de oren zijn gemaakt van Silk Clay wat opgenaaid is. Het haar en de manen zijn gemaakt van acrylgaren en de sok is gevuld met polyester vulling.

A Sure Hit

These cuddly toys are easy for school children to make. These socks in beautiful colours and patterns become all sorts of cuddly toys. Beside the materials shown, many other ways of decorating the sock puppets can be added. The result is only limited by your imagination. Children aged 8 and older can manage most of the tasks themselves. Enjoy.


Fill the sock with polyester wadding and tie a knot at the end. Cut notches for the “tail”.


Now shape the cuddly toy with a darning needle threaded with acrylic yarn.


Sew or glue the eyes, snout and teeth onto the sock.


Wrap yarn for hair around your hand and sew the hair onto the sock using a darning needle threaded with acrylic yarn.

More Variants


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