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12117 Hangende geverfde canvas figuren

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Canvas figuren

De uitgestanste figuren van canvas zijn geverfd met Pigment acryl verf en gedecoreerd met gouden stippen, stift en houten kralen op een draad.


Draw a design on the figure with a pencil.


Outline the pencil lines with a black marker pen.


Paint with diluted Pigment paint. Skin colour is achieved by mixing brown with white.


When adding a small amount of blue paint in the yellow paint, this results in a beautiful lime colour.


Prime red mixed with white results in different shades of pink. Remember to also paint a canvas figure for the back.


Paint wooden beads in matching colours.


Make gold dots with a foam stencil brush and Plus Color gold.


Pour some black Pigment paint into a refill plastic bottle with a tip and use it for drawing the outlines. Write text on the back.


Pull beads onto pieces of flax twine.


Sew the parts together with doubled over Mercerised cotton yarn. Make the holes with an awl. Also remember to sew on the piece of flax twine for hanging. Do not sew the doll together at the bottom yet.


Fill the doll with polyester stuffing.


Sew the doll together at the bottom. Also at the same time sew on the pieces of flax twine with the beads.

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