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12114 Gevlochten armband met lange ovale kraal

Geschreven: 23 februari 2017 door admin

Een armband in delen gemaakt van gevlochten leerkoord, een lange ovale metalen kraal en grote eindkappen.


Glue 5 pieces of leather cord, each measuring approx. 10cm, into a large end cap.


Tie a piece of leather cord onto the loop of the end cap. Pull both cord ends through the bead.


Tie one of the cords onto the loop of another end cap. Pull the knot tightly towards the bead.


Cut off the cord without a knot close to the bead. Cut off the cord with a knot leaving approx. 3cm. Put the end inside the bead. Lock the knots with a small blob of glue. Glue five new leather cords into this end cap.


Plait approx. 3cm in each side as shown: position two cords to one side and three to the other. Plait by alternately placing the outer cord – from the side with three cords – into the center. Continue plaiting by changing sides.


Secure the ends with masking tape, trim and glue into a new end cap.


Attach a swivel clasp with an oval ring onto one side.

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