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12113 Gevlochten armband

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Unisex armband

Een met 5 koorden gevlochten armband met zilveren kralen.


Glue the five pieces of leather cord, each measuring approx. 30cm, into one part of a click lock.


You may fasten the click lock part onto a clipboard. Start plaiting by positioning two cords to the left and three cords to the right.


Plait as shown by alternately placing the outer cord into the center.


After approx. 3cm (depending on the entire length of the bracelet) secure the plaited piece of the bracelet onto the clipboard with masking tape before pulling the spacer bead onto the plaited bracelet.


Remove the masking tape, push up the spacer bead to the plaited area of the bracelet, and continuing plaiting. Pull a total of three spacer beads onto the bracelet.


Secure the end of the plaited bracelet with masking tape, trim the ends and glue these into the other part of the click lock.

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