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12112 Ketting van gevlochten leerkoord met hart

Geschreven: 23 februari 2017 door admin


Deze ketting is gevlochten met leerkoord en afgewerkt met grote eindkappen. Een groot hart is aan de voorkant bevestigd.


Cut five pieces of leather cord, each measuring approx. 50cm (they must all be exactly the same length). Double over and assemble the cord ends with a small amount of Super Attak Instant Glue prior to gluing them into an end cap. (Squeeze well).


Put a small leather cord through the loop of the end cap and fasten it onto a clipboard. Put three loops onto three fingers on your left hand and two loops onto two fingers on your right hand. Keep your right index finger free.


Use your right index finger to move the loop on the far left side over and down into the middle.


The index finger on your left hand is now free.


Now use your left index finger to move the loop on the far right side over and down into the middle.


Tighten the loops on each side after each changed position of the loops. Continue to switch sides until the desired length of this section of the necklace is reached. This necklace has a 17cm plaited section between the two end caps. Do not let go.


Shape the plaited section.


Trim the ends and assemble with some glue. Squeeze well together and glue into the end cap. (Put the glue into the end cap and not onto the leather cords). Plait an identical section for the opposite side of the necklace.


Use a piece of cord to tie a knot onto the loop of the end cap. Pull both ends of the cord through the heart.


Pull the ends tight and use one cord end to tie a knot around itself.


Cut off the other cord end close to the heart and push it inside. Cut off the cord with the knot leaving 3-4cm and push the end into the heart. Lock the two cord end knots with a small blob of glue.


Close with an oval ring and a swivel clasp in one side and an oval ring in the other side.

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