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12093 Ketting met mega keramieke kralen

Geschreven: 23 februari 2017 door admin

Korte ketting

Grote en kleine kralen van keramiek geregen op kralendraad. Gesloten met knijpkralen, ovale ringen en een slot.


A bead board is a good and practical help when making necklaces. A bead board enables you to lay all your beads out before pulling them onto the wire.


Pull the beads onto the wire.


Close in one side: close an oval ring in the swivel clasp. Put the two crimp beads onto the wire. Feed the wire through the oval ring and back through the crimp beads and squeeze the crimp beads flat.


Repeat in the other side, however, without the clasp. Pull the wire tight before squeezing the crimp beads. Remember to arrange the chain correctly or else it may be too tight and not “alive”.

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