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12092 Leren ketting met glas links

Geschreven: 23 februari 2017 door admin


Luxe glazen glas links geregen op een zacht leren koord gemaakt van geitenleer. Metalen links met silicone fungeren als stoppers op de ketting.


Cut a piece of leather cord measuring 160cm, and put a metal link with a loop in the middle.


Attach an eye pin in the loop of the metal link.


Put a glass charm bead onto the eye pin. Nip a bit off the pin and twist to form a loop in which you hang a pendant plate before closing the loop.


Pull a metal link onto the doubled over cord and then a glass charm bead.


Tie a knot at the end of each cord. Pull on two beads.


Pull on a link in each side and pull the opposite cord through as well, stopping the bead.


Glue end caps onto the cord ends.

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