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12081 Kaarten maken

Geschreven: 14 januari 2017 door admin

Kaart met vlechtstroken

Decoratie en sterren zijn gemaakt van Vivi Gade Design papieren vlechtstroken van de Copenhagen serie. De tassel is gemaakt van gestreept katoenkoord.


Cut a piece of string for hanging measuring 20cm.


Make a tassel from striped cotton string by winding the string around three fingers until you have achieved the desired thickness.


Insert the string for hanging inside the top of the loop as shown in the photo.


Gather the tassel at the top with one end of the string.


Tie a knot and let the excess string fall down to become a part of the tassel.


Cut open the loops at the bottom.


Attach a weaving paper strip to each side of the card using double-sided adhesive tape.


Attach two flat weaving paper strips onto the card – the large one with double-sided adhesive tape and the other one with 3D foam pads (please see idea No. 11942 for instructions regarding how to weave a star).


Make a hole in the top middle of the card with hole punch pliers. Insert the string with the tassel through the hole and tie a knot.

For further inspiration with Vivi Gade Paper, please see ideas No. 12079, 12080, 12082 and 11883.

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